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A marriage license, land title, or will can help prevent land disputes, keep peace, and secure your family’s future.

Ownership of land by women

Land is an important resource in our society. Land ownership by a woman ensures that she and her children continue to have a home and land if her husband dies. She can also use it to further her economic welfare and leave it behind for her loved ones in case she dies. It also helps preserve family and community peace, harmony and well-being. If she has a land title, she can also protect the land from interference by non-owners.

Promoting discussions on inheritance in families and communities

Having open discussions about family property with your husband and father will help you all secure the future of your family. More and more fathers and husbands in our community have come to feel it is their moral responsibility to provide some land for their wives, and their daughters, as well as their sons, to help preserve family and community peace, harmony and well-being. . You can also share with them the resources (Insert link) or the information on this website.

Daughters and sons have an express right to inherit property on the basis that they are considered dependents. During the succession process, one only needs their birth certificate if minors and identity card and consent if over 18 to ensure they are included in the process of seeking inheritance rights.

Preparing the family for a secure future

You can make a will that includes non-family members to inherit whatever property you desire to pass on to them. In such situations, it is important to clearly describe the property to ensure accurate identification.

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Here are the important statistics for our cause…


We have assisted 35 women secure their future by claiming their inheritance


cases successfully mediated to secure women and their families' future through the Cultural Structures Project