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We all want peace and harmony within our families and our communities, and to feel we have security for our future!

Start conversations on inheritance with family members

Peace and harmony are always achieved when families have discussions to plan how property is to be distributed through a will.  Be the change you want to see and foster peace in your family or community by beginning the conversations on family property early and often to avoid disputes, ensure equality and avoid discrimination in this process.

Work through Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR) channels

Court processes can be lengthy and expensive, particularly when they involve land and inheritance cases. Did you know that other structures are available to help resolve disputes more quickly, peacefully and with less costs? These include traditional dispute resolution mechanisms such as the Council of Elders who have successfully mediated upon over 714 cases in Kisumu and Homabay Counties and resulted to many women getting access to their property rights.

Own property jointly

Joint decision-making and shared ownership of family property works to secure the future of families. If a husband and wife agree to register land together, the land is secured in case one of them dies for the benefit of the partner and children left behind. Adult children can also be involved in making decisions on land management and can also be registered as land owners.

Spread the word to secure the future of families

Become a voice of change in the society! Speak to a friend about this and share some insights. Empower yourself with key insights on land laws and rights, steps on how to write a will, steps to succession, alternative dispute resolution, joint property, joint decision making, stepping out of the gender box, power and empowerment and registration of marriage by looking at our resources on this page. Share the resources to as many people as you can reach!

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