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We have helped
35 women to access their inheritance.
Together, we can make a difference.
In Kenya,
99% of land & property rights cases
are solved through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
We have helped
35 women secure the future their families
by accessing their inheritance.
Giving women an opportunity to own land
contributes to better standards of living for families.
We encourage fathers & husbands to support their daughters and wives.
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We All Want Peace and Harmony

within our families and our communities, and to feel we have security for our future!

We can all take action by:


possibilities of men and women owning land!


discussions on inheritance in families and communities!


the family for a secure future!

The Problem

Women owning land is not common or fully accepted in many communities in Kenya. This contributes to the practice of disinheriting wives and widows leaving families devastated when husbands and fathers die, which disrupts the peace and security of the entire community.


The Solution

Working together to support husbands and fathers in protecting their wives and children’s future through land and property ownership and inheritance. This will help to prevent conflict between husbands and wives, lead to peace of mind, family harmony and community development.

It is time to:

Start conversations on inheritance with family members

Work through alternative Dispute Resolution channels

Own property jointly

Spread the word to secure the future of families

Are you concerned about your family’s future?

Worry no more! A Marriage License, Land Title, or a valid Will can help prevent land disputes, keep peace, and secure your family’s future.


Here are the important statistics for our cause…


% of Land Property Rights Cases in Kenya

are resolved through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)


% of Land Titles

owned by women, with only another 5% owned jointly by a woman and a man.


% of Land Titles

 are held by men only.

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