About SYFF

About SYFF

This campaign is all about creating harmony in families and communities to secure the future of families! The KELIN Team is especially excited about this campaign as it is a channel through which we deliver on our mandate of facilitating access to justice for all!

We all want peace and harmony within our families and our communities, and to feel we have security for our future!  

Many in our culture may hold different beliefs and views on this issue, but we can continue to move forward, together, to protect families and to ensure complicated disputes around property don’t come to be in the first place.

It is important for the security of our families and our communities to prevent conflicts before the arise and to quickly resolve them whenever they do—to show respect and to care for each other so we may live together in peace.

Meet Our Team

Jessica Achieng Oluoch
Programme Manager WLPR - KELIN
A Lawyer and Peer educator who is passionate about human rights for adolescent girls and young women, youth, and families!
Kenneth Otieno Akach
Programme Officer WLPR - KELIN
Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and Peer educator whose zest for human rights is focused on desolate disinherited women!

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